• Challenge

    Based in Australia, Call Assist offers professional inbound and outbound call centre and business services to clients. From being your qualified IT help desk through to providing consumer support for a new product, the Call Assist team works to ensure the satisfaction of its clients, and yours. Call Assist are a long-term client of GOOP Digital and have been since we were first approached in 2011 to design and build a website. In 2015 we completed a design upgrade, which gave the site more of a professional look. Now, Call Assist’s focus is on building a strong and diversified client base, which is thus aided by our content marketing services.

  • Approach

    SEO is a major focus for Call Assist, particularly due to the nature of their industry. We help keep their keywords ranking competitively through regular monthly content marketing, which focuses on an individual topic each month and aims to increase its rank position. Content marketing is handled by our in-house content specialists in Geelong and is managed closely month-by-month to ensure that success is achieved.

  • Results

    Call Assist is currently ranking on the homepage for 80% of their keywords and is continuously working towards dominating the market online for the call centre industry. Through our content marketing services, this Geelong based business is able to reach customers Australia wide and grow their client base.

"Do you write my blogs? I've got a complaint…

What have you been doing in the last week? Because I've had 10 leads from whatever you've been doing! I need to be visible online and I'm very happy. Keep doing what you’re doing."

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