Our Geelong web design extras benefit your website

We focus on benefits, not just features.

Website extras are features that won’t apply to all websites. Not all businesses need to sell stuff online. Not all organisations need Google Translate. Not all businesses need to display products in an online catalogue.

The thing is, we can stuff features into your website but if they don’t benefit your business, what’s the point? An electrician probably won’t benefit from Google Translate and an accountant won’t benefit from a local weather display. If you’re enhancing your website with extras, there needs to be a benefit involved, otherwise it’s just clutter that should be avoided so your target audience can easily absorb your core message.

We will consult with you during the strategic site-planning process to determine what will enhance your website, and business, based on your needs. What’s below is a comprehensive list of the website extras we offer. We’re sure the features you’re looking for will be there but don’t hesitate to contact GOOP Digital if you’re not sure or have questions.

Website Extras

  1. Blog Authorship Blog authorship links your website’s blog content with Google+ personal profiles, building genuine links to your website using a Google product. Benefits include building your professional profile as an expert in your field and can provide a boost in your website’s Google rankings.
  2. Blog Auto Publish to Facebook A link to each new blog post published on your website will be automatically shared to your business Facebook page. Helps drive traffic from your Facebook page to your website while saving time. Important: GOOP Digital will require temporary access to your Facebook account to set up this feature.
  3. Event List An online event list allows your site’s visitors to view your upcoming events, with details such as time, location and a description. You can also include a link to any relevant booking information you have set up for your event.
  4. Google Translate Provided by Google, Google Translate is a multilingual translation service which enables your website visitors to read an automated translation of your website’s content in their preferred language.
  5. Business List IBusiness List is ideal for websites which require a simple list of clients, suppliers, members or similar. Custom-made by GOOP, the Business List allows you to easily update names, contact details a description and a logo. Business List entries can also be categorised.
  6. Job Manager Need to advertise jobs on your website? Job Manager allows you to add a job-board-style vacancies list to your site.
  7. Multiple Locations Add additional locations to your website for SEO reporting.
  8. Obituary List Developed by GOOP for funeral homes, the Obituary List enables easy publication of upcoming funeral services and death notices. Website visitors can leave their own memorial tributes. Tributes will not appear online without website owner’s approval. Includes functionality to display a featured image for each notice, along with a button for visitors to share the individual notice via their own Facebook account.
  9. Product Catalogue Display a catalogue of products on your website – including categories (optional), images and descriptions of individual products. Important: This does not include online purchasing.
  10. Social Share Buttons Content sharing allows your audience to share your blog posts and pages on their social media profiles at the press of a button. Each blog post will have the option to share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. If your focus is on useful, high-quality content, this feature can help you gain a loyal following online.
  11. Stockist List Similar to the Business List, the GOOP-developed Stockist List displays a list of your preferred stockists and their contact details. Stockists can be categorised (for example, into different Australian states based on their location).
  12. Store Locator Store Locator allows users to search for stores (stockists) selling your products in their area. One-off cost to set up, no annual renewal fees. GOOP Digital will set up this functionality and add the first five stockists. We require store name, full address and phone number.


  1. Custom Forms Create additional website forms with more than eight fields.
  2. Multi-Part Forms Convert long forms into separate “paged” sections, creating a natural flow for website visitors.
  3. Table Editor Allows the creation of fields to collect tabular data using a spreadsheet-like grid. Suitable for complex quote forms.


  1. Shopping Cart Add e-Commerce functionality to your site with standard shipping and PayPal as your payment gateway. PayPal allows your customers to pay with their credit card, even if they do not have a PayPal account. All payments are processed securely via PayPal. Includes categories (optional), images and descriptions of individual products. Standard shipping per item or per order rate.
  2. Australia Post Shipping set-up Your product shipping rates can be automatically calculated via the Australia Post API which handles both domestic and international parcels. Important: Individual products weights and dimensions are required.
  3. eWay Integration If you have an eWAY account, this extension allows you to take credit card payments in your online store.
  4. Measurement Price Calculator The Measurement Price Calculator extension allows you to add and configure a calculator to your products that sell in quantities based on their dimensions, square footage, volume or weight. The calculator allows you to easily sell products which have a known measurement per item.
  5. Minimum/Maximum Quantities Allows you to define minimum/maximum thresholds per product to restrict the quantities of items which can be purchased.
  6. NAB transACT If you have NAB Transact (direct post mechanism) enabled, you can use it as a credit card processor in your online store. Accept Visa and MasterCard payment into your NAB account. Requires a trusted SSL certificate.
  7. Offline Credit Card Payments A payment gateway which allows customers to enter their credit card information on your site and lets you process the data manually (offline) using your payment terminal.
  8. Order/Customer CSV export plug-in Easily export orders and customers into CSV files.
  9. PDF (Product) Gift Voucher Sell downloadable (virtual) PDF vouchers for products such as tours, events, classes and lessons. Set-up includes styling and testing of your e-Commerce PDF Gift Voucher.
  10. Print Invoice & Packing List Print invoices and packing notes for your e-Commerce orders.
  11. Product Add-Ons Allows you to customise your products by adding new options such as input boxes, dropdowns or checkboxes.
  12. Table Rate Shipping Table Rate Shipping makes it possible for you to create advanced rules for shipping your products, based on where they are being shipped to.
  13. Wishlists Allows your customers to create and add products to wishlists to refer to and purchase from later.
  14. GeoTrust SSL Information entered into a user’s browser can be transmitted securely to your site. 128-bit encryption helps ensure security. Compatible with 98% of browsers. Requires a dedicated IP address.
  15. GeoTrust Premium SSL Information entered into a user’s browser can be transmitted securely to your site. 128-bit encryption helps ensure security. Compatible with 98% of browsers. True site Identity Seal Live date/time stamp from True Site Seal. Requires a dedicated IP address.
  16. Dedicated IP Address A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account. For sites with an SSL certificate you will need a dedicated IP.


  1. Online Marketing Starter Pack The four-month online marketing starter package is designed to guide your business through the online marketing landscape for four months. Includes four SEO-focused blog posts and three Facebook posts per week for four months. This package demonstrates how to effectively market your business online and structured so you can you manage the process yourself ongoing after GOOP Digital’s demonstration.


  1. Monthly Blog Posts Includes researched and planned SEO-strategic blog every month for minimum three months. GOOP Digital writes SEO-focused blog posts and uploads to website. Keyword report every three months.


  1. MailChimp Set-up Set-up MailChimp account and style template consistent with your brand. Import data list, if applicable. Embed code into your website so visitors can automatically subscribe to newsletter. Includes one-hour training session.
  2. MailChimp Content and Dispatch A professionally written and dispatched e-newsletter from an existing MailChimp account.

Social Media

  1. Facebook Set-up Social Media Facebook set-up includes thumbnail, cover image and profile information. Includes 30-minute basic Facebook training.
  2. Facebook Posting Researched, written and published posts on Facebook. Three posts on one Facebook page, per week. Includes Newsfeed engagement and monitoring comments and inbox messages.
  3. Facebook and Google+ Posting Researched, written and published posts on Facebook and Google+. Three posts on one Facebook page and three posts on one Google+ page, per week. Includes Newsfeed engagement and monitoring comments and inbox messages.
  4. Facebook and Twitter Posting Researched, written and published posts on Facebook and Twitter. Three posts on one Facebook page and three posts on one Twitter page, per week. Includes Newsfeed engagement and monitoring comments and inbox messages.
  5. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Posting (3 per account, per week) Researched, written and published posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Three posts on one Facebook page, three posts on one Twitter profile and three posts on one Google+ page, per week. Includes Newsfeed engagement and monitoring comments and inbox messages.
  6. Google Product Audit Audit of Google products, as required. Can include migrating ownership and management of Google My Business listings and YouTube channels.
  7. Google My Business Set-up Create, or claim, and verify a Google My Business listing. This will automatically create a Google+ business page. Includes branding your Google+ business page with a logo and cover image and a 30-minute training session.
  8. LinkedIn Set-up Set-up a LinkedIn company page. Includes writing the business profile and branding the page. Includes 30-minute training session.
  9. Twitter Set-up Set-up a Twitter profile. Includes filling in relevant fields of Twitter profile and branding the profile. Includes 30-minute training session.
  10. YouTube Business Account Set-up Business YouTube channel set-up includes logo, cover image and profile. Includes 30-minute training session.


  1. Brand Identity Pack Research, concept and development of logos. Three unique logos to choose from, with two revisions. Stationery pack, business card, letterhead, envelope and Facebook and Google+ cover. Includes an Identity Guide.
  2. Just The Logo Research, concept and development of logos. Three unique logos to choose from. Two revisions. One-page Style Guide.
  3. The Toolbox Research, concept and development of logos. Three unique logos to choose from. Two revisions. One-page Style Guide. Business card and letterhead design.

Domain Names

  1. .com.au Registration/Renewal Register or renew a .com.au domain name.
  2. .com Registration/Renewal Register or renew a .com domain name.
  3. Other TLD Registration/Renewal Register or renew a domain name other than .com.au or .com – for example, .tv, .co, .melbourne, etc.


  1. Google Apps for Work Set-up Google Apps for Work is a set of web applications provided by Google. These web applications include Google Email, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Talk (Chat), Google Mobile and Google Sites, and offer an online alternative to traditional office suites. Google Apps for Work allows you to manage your domain-name emails in one place.
  2. IMAP / Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 These are not supported by GOOP Digital. Please contact your IT provider.
  3. POP3 Emails Additional POP3 email accounts. Note that POP3 emails can only be downloaded onto a single device, permanently.


  1. Additional Services Miscellaneous extraordinary tasks, as requested.
  2. Additional Training Customised additional training, charged hourly.
  3. Contact Details Update If your primary business contact details change, GOOP Digital can update your website and your Google My Business listings, if applicable. Changing the address may have a short-term effect on rankings while Google’s focus shifts to the new business details. Client will also need to update any local directory listings, or GOOP Digital can complete this task too.
  4. Domain Name Update GOOP Digital can change your website URL, e.g. from olddomain.com.au to newdomain.com.au, update all references to your old business name in the content and metadata and resubmit your site to Google. All links in the website content will also be updated, along with your Google Analytics code. Your old domain can be parked so you don’t lose traffic. GOOP Digital will also recreate all email addresses, and any email forwarders from old addresses if applicable.
  5. Holding Page Includes account set-up on GOOP Digital server. Creation of basic holding page featuring client logo, email and contact details.
  6. SEO Copywriting Additional SEO copywriting, including metadata and relevant links.
  7. Website Back-up GOOP Digital will provide a back-up of your website on USB.

GOOP Digital Care Plan

Your website is a vital part of  your business. It’s your online presence and your leads and sales generator. It’s exceptionally valuable and, like any valuable asset, it requires care and attention. You wouldn’t leave your business vulnerable and neglected and we won’t neglect your website. All software needs updating from time to time, including the software that powers your website. Websites are hacked and attacked every day, including big names like Twitter and Facebook, and small business websites are just as susceptible. Sadly, it’s the nature of the world we live in.

Backing up your website and ensuring it’s up to date and as secure as possible is time-consuming, tedious and can be a little tricky, particularly if you don’t really know know what you’re doing. That’s where we step in. GOOP Digital’s Care Plan looks after your website so you can focus on building relationships with your customers, staff and partners.

All GOOP Digital Care Plans include ongoing WordPress updates and back-ups, server monitoring and SEO support – and a maximum five POP3 email accounts with 100Mb per mailbox, if required.

  1. GOOP Digital Care Plan – 0-5000 0-5000Mb bandwidth per month, 1500Mb quota.
  2. GOOP Digital Care Plan – Extra Storage 0-5000Mb bandwidth per month, 3000Mb quota.
  3. GOOP Digital Care Plan – 5000-10,000 5001 – 10000 Mb bandwidth per month, 2000Mb quota.
  4. GOOP Digital Care Plan – 10,000-20,000 10001-20000Mb bandwidth per month, 3000Mb quota.
  5. GOOP Digital Care Plan – 20,000+ 20,000+Mb bandwidth per month. 3000Mb quota.

Our Geelong web designers and website developers will ensure the extra features fit seamlessly into your website design and function in a manner which best suits and serves your business. In other words, you’ll get GOOPED!