Google Ads remarketing and Facebook remarketing

Google and Facebook Remarketing

Google and Facebook remarketing is one of the single most powerful tools available to small to medium businesses.

Remarketing is the ability to track and deliver ads to users who have visited your website for a set duration of up to two years. The ads can vary and be adjusted for various campaigns and in our opinion, one of the most cost-effective brand marketing campaigns a small to medium business can do. Not to mention the ability to track clicks and conversions ads a layer of reporting that simply isn’t available to traditional offline media businesses. All data becomes objective.

Google Remarketing Geelong - Goop Digital

Having run hundreds of remarketing campaigns, we consider remarketing to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available to small business. Not only does it deliver a huge branding/brand awareness campaigns it also has the backing of Google Analytics showing how users then come back to your website to transact and get involved with your website. Phone calls, form submissions, pages visited are just some of the things we can track when users engage with your website after clicking on a remarketing ad.

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