• Challenge

    Project Circular do things differently. They create buildings in Geelong that reflect unique character and thinking, whether that is a creative custom-build or multi-unit townhouse development. With an impressive portfolio of work, the Project Circular team delivery on promises and bring a level of versatility and creativity that is unmatched by competitors. Goop Digital were approached to reflect this reputation online, by establishing a solid presence that will allow them to reach their ideal target market.

  • Approach

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) was the driving force behind the strategy for this Geelong client, due to the highly competitive nature of the construction industry. Goop Digital thus designed and developed a professional and clean-looking website jampacked with optimised copy, to guarantee top real estate on Google for all major keywords.

  • Results

    Steadying an over 70% visibility rate in Google, Project Circular now have an online presence that truly reflects the quality of the work done on-site. Ideal customers can easily find the site, and when they do, they will want to pick up the phone as soon as possible due to the beautiful and functional design. Goop Digital are very proud to have worked with Project Circular and provided them with the digital platform to reach a never-ending fountain of business.

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