• Challenge

    E.W Reid Plumbing and Maintenance, owned and operated by qualified plumber Travis Reid, offers a wide range of reliable plumbing services to clients in the Werribee region, and beyond. As a new business to the market, Goop Digital were approached to develop a logo and credible online web presence, so that they could attract relevant business in their areas of service.

  • Approach

    To achieve this, the Goop Digital team narrowed down the particular services that E.W Reid Plumbing specialised in and wrote optimised copy that would help the business organically rank on search engines. SEO was a major focus here and as such the best practices were put in place. Having a clean and attractive design was also a priority for the client, which was kept at the forefront of our minds throughout the project.

  • Results

    E.W Reid Plumbing and Maintenance now have an online presence that informs the public on their range of professional services and reaches customers organically when they are searching for plumbers in the Werribee area. Since the website has gone live, E.W Reid's rankings have improved significantly, reaching a growing visibility rating of 66%, with over half of their keywords positioned on the homepage of Google.

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