• Challenge

    Coltman Plaza is the go-to shopping destination for residents of Ballarat in Victoria. With a wide range of stores including Baker’s Delight, BWS and Woolworths, everything that you could possibly need is at the touch of your fingertips in this friendly and welcoming centre. Our website development services for Ballarat businesses were sought out by the shopping centre to develop a website that could be easily updated and would provide information to customers.

  • Approach

    The approach of our website development team was to produce a website that could be easily used and updated by the team at Coltman Plaza in Ballarat. In order to effectively communicate information about shops and events, we implemented a ‘Whats On’ section and a drop-down menu where all stores within the centre can be viewed.

  • Results

    The Plaza now has a website that fulfills their needs online and provides their loyal customers with information about opening times, events, contact info, and much more. Customers can easily find the site and navigate it to locate the information they are searching for. Coltman Plaza Shopping Centre maintains a visibility rating of 100% on Google for their keywords, meaning that all users searching for shopping destinations in the area will be drawn to Coltman Plaza.

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