Google’s new gallery ad format: how it works and why we’re excited about it


Google is making more changes to its ad formats, aimed at making ads more appealing to users, with the ultimate goal of increasing clicks and conversions for advertisers.

Within this new ad layout will be a search-centric galley ad format, which Google says will make it easier for advertisers to ‘communicate what your brand has to offer’.

What are gallery ads?

Gallery ads are the image carousels you see at the top of the page, and buyers will be able to swipe through the pictures and click on images they want to look at more closely.

Once they do this, they can choose to go through to the website connected to the gallery.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Advertisers will be able to post between four to eight pictures, along with a short description and three headlines within the gallery ad. The gallery ads will be located in the top of the Google search results and only for mobile users, not desktop.

However, Google says it does plan to roll out the ads to desktop in the near future.

How do you pay for them?

Advertisers will be charged a fee either on a per-click basis, when the user heads over to the advertiser’s website, or if the user decides to look at three or more images within the gallery.

Why gallery ads are important

Images create excitement in users and often get a lot more engagement than text ads. Google has been testing this format over the past few months or so and have found that image-driven ads are getting much more engagement than other types.

The plus side of these new gallery ads is that advertisers can use them to tell stories which can engage users further. More engagement, plus higher click-through rates, means more sales for your business, if your ad campaign is being managed correctly.

Following its testing, Google has said that these new gallery ad formats have had 25% more engagement than other types of ads.

Would you like to try the new gallery ads format?

Goop Digital offers Geelong-based Google Ads campaign creation and management, and we will be happy to assist in getting you set up with this new gallery ads format as soon as Google roll them out to Australia. Contact our friendly team to see how we can help your business.