Gutenberg reloaded, WordPress announces the launch of new content editor


You might have heard about Gutenberg, the new content editor currently in development by WordPress and scheduled for release later this year. Here at Goop Digital, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Gutenberg, and it looks like it might be very handy for “DIY” websites.

At this stage, Goop Digital doesn’t have immediate plans to introduce the new editor. Our decision hasn’t been made lightly, but given our clients already have custom-built sites and Gutenberg involves a steep learning curve for some users, the new editor doesn’t yet provide extra benefits.

Goop Digital designs and develops sites to specifically meet the branding and requirements of each of our clients, and from what we’ve seen so far, Gutenberg’s overhaul of the editor might have users making unintentional changes to their site’s appearance and functionality.

We will never say never, but for now we won’t be introducing Gutenberg when it’s released. That way we can ensure your custom-built website remains looking good and retains the SEO value you get from a Goop Digital site. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.