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December 22, 2011
Australia Post - Facebook All so wrong

Australia Post - Facebook all so wrong

Australia Post Facebook Abuse PageThis is a great article for small businesses but a real slap for Australia Post and their social media strategy.

For your own benefit go to the Australia Post Facebook page . Given the size and structure of this organisation you would think that their marketing department would actually care about their social media and in particular their Facebook page but in my opinion they don't. With over 12,000 'likes' for their Facebook Business Page this is a disgrace.

They have gone to the effort of building out a pretty 'Great Christmas Gift Away' Page but you have to navigate to this Page as opposed to landing on this as a first time visitor. Instead you land on their 'Customer Care Page'.

The Customer Care Page is the official Australia Post Facebook landing page. They need to learn about 'Fan Gating' The ability to put up a once of welcome page that encourages people to click the 'like' button. This page only displays for those that haven't 'liked' their page yet. Instead we get a pretty graphic at the top of the page that takes you into a list of comments that can only be described as farcical, consistent and sustained abuse. They may as well have put up a graphic that says 'like us and have a laugh at the abuse we cop below'

At Social GOOP (a new division of GOOP) we customise a clients social media and we put a bit more thought into the process and the structure. Australia Post as one of Australia's icon brands your efforts, resources and contribution to your Social Media strategy should be much better than this. I believe we do a better job for our small business social media set ups than what you have done with your vast media and advertising budgets.

I hope that over the Christmas break your marketing department gets the chance to open a fresh jar of coffee, take a deep breath and smell that coffee. Australia Post, you can do better than that.

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Karl Morris
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