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Small business websites that work!

When you buy a drill, you don’t need a drill, you actually need a hole. It’s similar with a website; you don’t need a website, you need customers.
GOOP Managing Director, Karl Morris

GOOP is a Geelong-based WordPress website development business. Our team specialises in responsive web design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services and online marketing for small businesses. We’re passionate about providing small businesses with a viable avenue to market their business and achieve success with measurable results.

If you have no idea what the above means you’re not alone and put simply – we build websites that work, and then help you get the most out of them.

If you’re reading this there’s a high chance you’re thinking about getting a website. So we have a question for you: Why do you want a website? What’s the purpose or driving force behind your decision to get one – or even enquire about getting one?

This is a question we will ask when it comes time to plan your website. As a web developer we need to know what the purpose of your website is in order to make it work specifically for you and your business. Do you need more customers? Do you want to display products online? Or, do you simply want a professional-looking website for credibility purposes in case clients want to “check you out”?

There are many different reasons why businesses choose to get websites. From our experience, these reasons can be broken down into three broad categories:

1. Get more customers

Many small businesses simply want more people to find them to engage their services or buy their products. Maybe things have been slow, or perhaps you’re a small business looking to grow into a big one. To target your specific audience online, you need to rank highly in Google’s search results for targeted keywords combined with your geographic location, i.e. baby photographer Geelong.

2. Display products online

We have a host of WordPress website extras which can be added to your website depending on your needs. A product display allows you to add images and information about your products and display them neatly on your website. This makes it easy for Internet users to browse your products online before deciding to purchase them.

3. Project a professional and credible image to people who already know your business

You simply want a professionally-designed website which projects a credible image to clients who already know your business name when they look you up online. This type of website is often informative, i.e. with staff profiles and payment details for clients who already engage your services.

Once you know why you want a website we are able to build you one that works. Once you have a website that works, an online marketing strategy will help take your Google rankings, brand awareness and online presence to the next level. We run online marketing workshops to teach small business owners how to use the Internet to promote their products and services to their target audience.

Got questions about SEO, responsive web design or WordPress? Our FAQs should help answer commonly asked questions about our web development process. Based in Geelong, we have extensive experience with small business clients Australia-wide. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your business’ goals with websites that work.